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Footage from the Cambridge Town Bumps 2021

Slightly different format for this year, since YouTube upload limits will mean footage appears there only slowly. So, footage from the Cambridge Town Bumps 2021 is appearing here first: Up to date footage on The usual YouTube link, but you’ll mostly see older events.

More should appear over the next few days.

Extracting photos from the Cambridge June Eights Regatta 2021 Footage

The original high bitrate files used for the uploads to YouTube are available here:!Aod5U9_SG36jkrhVwBBKh1hLKnaYNg?e=wXXtdG

The OneDrive site won’t necessarily play them, but you can download. Applications like the Photos app in Windows 10 can then save frames as photos (Edit & Create->Save Photos). If you want to then upload the photos to Jet Photographic (, Upload YOUR images here) and get mounted prints made up then that is absolutely fine by me.